Tweet. Cave. Repeat. Equals 2020 Defeat.

It's a race to the bottom that will be nearly impossible for Trump to win without a third party spoiler. It's the Democrats' to lose.
Run For Office

How To Run For Office: What You'll Need

Part 2: The minimum you should have to mount a serious campaign.

How I Stopped Ignoring My Kids

Stop looking at your phone! My method even works for friends. See which camera and smartwatch I swear by.

The GOP Needs to Win Big or Lose Small

A slight GOP majority in the House would be counterproductive and leave voters with a false sense of security going into 2020.
Run For Office

How To Run For Office: But Should You?

Part 1: A reality and gut check for anyone wanting to run for office.

Splitting California in 3 Is a Bad Idea

There may be a short term benefit, but in the end liberals would just end up getting more representation in D.C. (Plus it'll never pass)

That Big Beautiful Blue Wave

Trump can stave the wave but he'll need to stay the course on jobs, immigration, and a few other popular issues.